How To Buy Used Boats

Do you intend to purchase a used boat? In addition to being affordable, used boats depreciate more slowly than new boats do. As such, you can sell them at a profit or just below the buying price. Below is a short guide to help you purchase a used boat.  Longevity Used boats will have some wear. As such, it is essential to conduct some research to know the longevity of major components such as the engine, transmission, navigation system, body and interior parts. Read More 

Three Things To Consider When Budgeting For Your First Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle is a great way of getting around, having fun and even meeting people with similar interests. However, it can also be expensive. This article explains three things you should make sure to budget for when thinking about getting your first motorbike. Considering Your Choice Of Bike Choosing a motorcycle can be exciting, but buying the bike itself is expensive, so it's important to make the right choice for you. Read More 

Types of Boats and Features to Buy If You Want to Exercise on the Water

Many people look for used boats for sale because they like the idea of spending the day relaxing on the water, but others are more concerned about exercise opportunities. Do you want to combine a workout with time on the water? Then you have a lot of different options. Here are some of the types of boats and features you may want to consider. A Rowboat or Similar Non-Motorised Boat Read More 

How to Get into Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing is one of the world's most adrenaline-fuelled sports, and it attracts some highly competitive teams as well as individuals. The pinnacle of the global sport is the UIM Class One World Powerboat Championship, which has been running since the mid-1960s. Other important offshore races include the Venture Cup, which usually runs from the south of England to Monte Carlo on the Mediterranean. In Australia, race meetings are organised by the Australian Power Boat Association (APBA). Read More 

Why You Need to Watch Your Brakes If You’re New to Motorcycling

If you would much rather ride on two wheels than four, you undoubtedly love the freedom of the open road and the ability to go where many other motorists cannot. You may still be young and quite headstrong, and this has prompted you to get a motorcycle instead of a car, as you discover what Australia has to offer. Yet, you do need to be realistic and understand some of the dangers that are inherent in this type of motoring, and you must pay more attention to safety as a consequence. Read More